So what is HTML Mag?

HTML Mag is abbreviation for HTML Magazine. Back then, during 2009 HTML Mag project started to be blog about web development. Sometimes because of tight working schedules, sometimes laziness, project paused for a longtime.

Each time when I tried to start writing, selecting a theme or the blog technology become a big headache. For the design part; I'm not a designer, but I want my own design for the blog, tried different layouts, colors etc. and could not achieve what I wanted. For the technology part, first choice was WordPress, as a rule of thumb. Installed WordPress multiple time, added various plugins for code sampling, writing additions. Customizing things become frustrating at some point. Second choice was my own CMS, ICONtrol, that we were using at ICON. It was good enough to write posts but needs improvements for other issues and maintenance could be difficult. The last choice was static pages. I'm using a .htaccess url direction based static pages in For this one, keeping track for the articles, templating was hard.

Until last week's FOWD conference, the blog and website was such a dream. After having a magnificent experience in the FOWD-2104, I keep up my mind. During our beautiful talks with Hasan Yalçın, I decided to start writing with a simple interface and the design should improve as it needs. And for the technology, Misto was the first choice this time. It is simple, easy to extend and mine own open source project. Extended its ability for content generation with Markdown integration. Then, migrate my very old and few articles from to HTML Mag.

What Now?

Now, I try to keep writing according to my work experience, also daily experiments of different approaches in my work. Most probably, the content will consist of as follow;

  • New HTML technology usage
  • CSS and OOCSS techniques
  • CSS preprocessor and mostly SASS (for now)
  • JavaScript related issues
  • Sometimes IE8 hack (yes I'm still building webapps supporting IE8 - thanks to my company)

The content will be bilingual most time mixed each other. There will be both english and turkish articles. Sometimes they are different to each other, sometimes translations to each other.

Start Following

So just grab the RSS Feed and start follow @htmlmag. Also you this websites source code are open in Github. Time to time you can check the repo for upcoming articles.