phpDesigner syntax highlighters with dark background


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Back then during my PC days, I was using this beautiful IDE. For the last 4 years (since I bought a Mac), I'm using PHPStorm from JetBrains.

phpDesigner is one of best php IDE I've worked with. Recently, its default white editor background become a pain for my eyes, so I decided to change its editor background to black.

Everything started after that. Just changing the background did not help me what I tried to achive. So I dig in to its syntax highlighter options and redifine the syntax colors for a better visual style. I also changed the editor's font to Bitstream Vera Sans Mono with 11px size.

And for the final clean-up I changed gutter and syntax separators styles to. You can download my phpDesigner styles files and use or modify them for freely.

Editor Colors

  • Active Line: red: 33, green: 33, blue: 33
  • Right Edge: red: 240, green: 240, blue: 240
  • Bookmarks: red: 155, green: 205, blue: 255
  • Gutter: red: 22, green: 22, blue: 22
  • Background: red: 22, green: 22, blue: 22
  • Mark: red: 155, green: 205, blue: 255


  • Color: aqua
  • Font: Courier New 8px

Syntax Separators

  • Background: red: 33, green: 33, blue: 33
  • Foreground: red: 99, green: 99, blue: 99

I think there is a little bug for syntax separators' colors. While working only one type of files like all your opened files are php, there is no problem. But while working with different file types, their color changes to black. By opening preferences window and clicking "OK" reverts the color to your defined settings.

Screen Shots


First download the style files. Then unrar them. Open phpDesigner preferences screen (hit Ctrl+E while phpDesigner is open). Click the Syntax Highlighters from tree menu. You will see a folder button on the right, hit it. A folder will open. Copy your extracted file, and paste them to the opened folder. with this, you changed the file types syntax colors. For changing the editor's background color, click the Editor menu in the Preferences window. You can change the editor fonts, gutter fonts and editor's color from this menu.